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Chinese Carnival of Institute for International Education 2019/05/08?
【World·GDUFS】Initiative Means Opportunities 2019/05/06?
【World · GDUFS】LI Xiaoshan : China, I Cannot Stop Loving You 2019/04/09?
Videos for GDUFS 30th Anniversary for International Students Programs 2016/11/02?
Consul General of Kuwait in Guangzhou Visits GDUFS 2019/06/26?

GDUFS Delegation Attended the Unveiling Ceremony of Confucius Institutes at The University of Porto 2019/06/01?
World Bank Economists visited GDUFS 2019/05/20?
The Massey University Delegation of New Zealand Visited GDUFS 2019/05/16?
GDUFS Delegation Attended Joint Conference of Confucius Institutes in UAE 2019/05/08?
Research Center on German-speaking Countries Founded at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies 2019/04/22?

Delegation of Yogyakarta National University Visit GDUFS 2019/04/20?
Consul General of Turkey in Guangzhou Visits GDUFS 2019/04/15?
Delegation of Indonesian Senior Diplomats Visited GDUFS 2019/04/05?
Consul General of Mexico in Guangzhou Visits GDUFS 2019/03/29?
Consul General of Qatar in Guangzhou Visits GDUFS 2019/03/20?

Consul General of Russia in Guangzhou Visited GDUFS 2019/03/15?
GDUFS Signs with University of Porto in Portugal to Jointly Construct New Confucius Institutes 2019/03/08?
Five Confucius Institutes of GDUFS Celebrated Spring Festival In Their Own Ways 2019/03/05?
New Consul General of Japan in Guangzhou Visited GDUFS 2019/01/29?
Vice President of the university of Tasmania Visited GDUFS 2019/01/25?

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