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Guangdong Province Government International Student Scholarship

Guangdong Government Outstanding Foreign Student Scholarship

356bet开The Guangdong Province Government hasestablished the “Guangdong Government Outstanding student scholarship”. This award is used for subsidizing the international degree students with excellent performance.

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS)attaches much importance to this scholarship and is making sure that selecting scholarship candidates is under a just, fair and open process.

The relevant information is as follows:

1. Eligibilities: Non-Chinese citizen degree students in GDUFS and those intend to pursue degreein GDUFS.

2. Requirements:

(1) Abide by Chinese law, regulations as wellas university and school rules;

(2) Good performance in both study and moralities,with a high attendance rate, obtaining a good grade in every required course;

(3) Have not obtained any other scholarships inthe same year.

3. Scholarship:

(1) Bachelor degree student: RMB 10000/person

(2) Master degree student: RMB 20000/ person

(3) Doctoral degree student: RMB30000/person

4.Application Procedures:

(1) Freshmen download the “Scholarship Application Form(2)” while others download the“Scholarship Application Form(1)” (see below) ,fill it

outcompletely and attach necessary documents;

(2) Annual application time: May 1st to June 30th. Please submit all the application documents to Office102 or email them to iie@gdufs.edu.cn within the dual time. Failure to apply for it before the deadline will be regarded as declining the opportunity ;

(3) Evaluations will be made by the Guangdong Government Outstanding student scholarship Assessment Committee of GDUFS and the list of candidates will be announced;

(4) Department of Education ofGuangdongProvincemakes the final decision;

(5) The GDUFS Institute for International Education announces thelist of students winning the scholarship awards.

5. Contactinformation:

Miss.Huang, Office 102, No.7 academic building on the GDUFS North Campus,


Attached file:

Scholarship Application Form(1) old student.docx?

Scholarship Application Form(2) new student.docx?

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