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Czech Delegation of South Moravia Visited GDUFS
2018-12-02 16:59 ?

North Campus, November 28th 2018: Miroslav Kubásek, the Czech Delegation of South Moravia, and other representatives visited GDUFS. JIAO Fangtai, Vice President of GDUFS met the guests in the VIP hall in the Administration Building. The two sides had in-depth talks on cooperation, exchange and other topics.

The meeting spot

JIAO Fangtai welcomed the delegation and briefly introduced GDUFS’ historical evolution and situation. He pointed out that GDUFS was the only university in South China to set up a Czech major, and the students of the Czech major would go to the Czech Republic for a one-year exchange study in the third academic year. JIAO Fangtai hoped that the visit of delegation would promote the exchange and cooperation in the field of education and culture.

Miroslav Kubásek was grateful for the welcome from GDUFS. He expressed that Czech education group of South Moravia have visited GDUFS in 2016, and the two sides have discussed on education and international cooperation. He hoped the two sides would enhance the exchanges in the future, and discuss more about the construction of Czech majors, the exchanges of students and the cooperative possibilities of other fields together.

Group photo

Representatives of the Office ofInternational Cooperation and Exchange and Faculty of English Language and Culture also attended the meeting.

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