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Delegation of University of Montreal Visited GDUFS
2018-12-10 17:15 ?

North Campus, December 5th 2018: Guy Lefebvre, Vice President of the University of Montreal visited GDUFS. JIAO Fangtai, Vice President of GDUFS, met with the guests at the VIP Lounge of the North Campus Administration Building. The two sides had an in-depth conversation and signed an agreement establishing cooperation between the two universities.

Both sides were pleased by the meeting

JIAO Fangtai expressed warm welcome to the delegation of the University of Montreal and made a brief introduction of the history and development of GDUFS. He pointed out that GDUFS is a university with distinctive international characteristics. Aiming at cultivating international talents, GDUFS also promotes international education as its core strategy. While realizing the internationalization of its students, GDUFS also actively promotes internationalization of talents, teaching, research and management. It is hoped that the delegation’s visit will promote substantive cooperation between the two universities in terms of exchanges of teachers and students and cooperative research.

Guy Lefebvre made a basic introduction of the University of Montreal to GDUFS. He pointed out that University of Montreal is a modern university with high academic achievements, and its students are also competitive in the job market. The University of Montreal attaches great importance to international cooperation and exchanges, and hopes to establish cooperative relations with GDUFS in order to promote further exchanges and development between the two universities.

Anticipated cooperation on both sides awaits

After the signing ceremony, the two sides conducted negotiations on specific cooperation matters. LIANG Jie, Party Secretary of the School of Economics and Trade; ZHU Wenzhong, Dean of School of Business; LIANG Xuehong, Dean of the International College; and representatives of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange also attended the meeting.

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