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GDUFS Delegation Visited British and German Universities
2018-12-19 17:33 ?

From November 30th to December 6th, a delegation from GDUFS led by CHEN Linhan, Vice President of GDUFS, visited six universities in the UK and Germany and representatives of GDUFS teachers and students studying abroad. Expanding cooperation majors, enhancing student exchange, and the establishment of scholarships were discussed by the two sides.

Group photo of Ashraf, GDUFS delegation and the students

On November 30th, the delegation visited the University of Bedfordshire in England and met with Ashraf, Vice President, and Harry WANG, Director of the International Department of University of Bedfordshire. They reviewed the friendly partnership between the two universities and discussed their improved mechanisms of communication. Both sides agreed there would be further cooperation to promote the international level of the school. After the meeting, CHEN Linhan visited the students from the School of English for International Business and the International College of GDUFS who are studying there, asking them about their studying and living conditions. He also encouraged them to care more about Chinese current politics after class.

Group photo of Tim, heads of relevant schools and GDUFS delegation

On December 1st, the delegation visited the University of Gloucestershire in England and met with Alun, former director of the International Office. They talked about the international training project the two sides cooperated on, including students of Music Performance, Computer Science and Software engineering majors. On December 3rd, the delegation visited the University of Central Lancashire in England. Tim, Vice President of International Affairs, and Paul, Director of the International Office, warmly welcomed the delegation. Heads of the Institute of Physical Education, School of Journalism and Music Performance courses talked with the relevant persons of GDUFS about expanding projects, monitoring the quality of teaching, and improving the enrollment level. After the meeting CHEN Linhan visited some representatives of GDUFS teachers who are studying and implementing “Shadow Program” in England. He encouraged them to energetically conduct research in their own fields to make more achievements.

The pleasant visit of CHEN Linhan for GDUFS teachers in England

On December 4th, the delegation visited Lancaster University in England and met with Michelle, Head of the International Department, and Emma, Senior International Affairs Officer. The two sides discussed the settings of scholarships and confirmed that the School of Management and the School of Media of Lancaster University would establish a special scholarship of “GDUFS-LU” for outstanding students of GDUFS International College.

CHEN Linhan paid a warm visit to GDUFS students in Universit?t Siegen

The delegation visited Universit?t Siegen in Germany on December 6th. The Commissioner for Student Affairs of the International Office Susanne Engelmann talked with GDUFS delegation about the mutual short-term student exchange and students coming to China to study in summer. Both sides reached an agreement on enhancing the mutual student exchange and students’ short-term Chinese study in China. After the meeting CHEN Linhan visited the representatives of GDUFS students there, introduced the recent developments of GDUFS and gave them gifts.

The relevant heads of the School of Accounting and the International College were also in the delegation.

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