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GDUFS Delegation Visited Russian, Greek and Czech Universities
2019-01-03 17:48 ?

North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, December 11th2018: A delegation from GDUFS led by SUI Guangjun, Chairman of University Board, attended the 10th anniversary celebration of the Confucius Institute at Ural Federal University,Russia.

Group photo

Founded in 2008, the Confucius Institute at UrFU was one of the early Confucius Institute that GDUFS established, which had a large influence over the Federal District of Ural, Russia. SUI, together with Koksharov, President of UrFU, attended the council meeting. Both sides reviewed the 10-year construction of the Confucius Institute, and listened to a working report presented by Maria Guzikova, Russian Dean of the Confucius Institute and HE Jianing, Chinese Dean of the Confucius Institute. Both sides agreed there would be deeper cooperation to innovate the mechanisms of communication,expand cooperation areas, and construct a better Confucius Institute.

GENG Liping addressed at the celebration

GENG Liping, Chinese Consul General in Yekaterinburg, addressed at the celebration, reading the congratulation letter written by LI Hui, Ambassador to Russian Federation of China. GENG expressed her utmost congratulations on the 10th anniversary of the Confucius Institute and thanked for the contributions it made to strengthen friendly relationship between China and Russia. SUI, on behalf of GDUFS, noted that UrFU always respected different cultures, adhered scientific truths and persisted to innovate, which shared the same value with GDUFS. He also hoped that the Confucius Institute at UrFU could be the best Confucius Institute that GDUFS had run. At the celebration, students from the Confucius Institute and art college of UrFU gave wonderful performances that were rich in Chinese and Russian characteristics.

SUI and Koksharov were having a meeting

During the meeting, both sides reached an agreement on deepening collaboration and staying committed to the partnership in terms of implementing the “2+2” and “3+1” projects, expanding cooperation majors, enhancing teachers’ cooperation, and launching the “Think Tank” project.

GDUFS delegation visited the Consulate General of China inYekaterinburg

When staying in Russia, the delegation visited GENG Liping at the Consulate General of China inYekaterinburg. GENG greeted the guests with warm welcome and expressed the hope that Confucius Institute could cultivate more talents for long-term steady development of the two countries.

GDUFS representatives visited exchange students at UoA

After visiting UrFU, the delegation paid a visit to the National and Capodistrian University of Athens in Greece and the Charles University in Prague, Czech. Strengthening cooperation, promoting academic communication, enhancing students exchange, and other cooperation programs were discussed during the visits.Braselis,President Consultant of UoA; Kalamalenko, Dean of the Department of Philosopy and Sgoha, Vice President of Charles University in Prague received the delegation. They visited the exchange students from the Greek major of GDUFS, encouraging them to cherish study opportunities, promote their self-competence and strive to become international talents. Students there all endorsed their remarks.

Sgoha greeted SUI

The relevant heads of the Publicity Division, the Academic Programmes Division, the Faculty of European Languages and Cultures, the Cisco School of Informatics and the International College were also in the delegation.

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