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Prospectus for Chinese Language Summer Training Program 2019
2019-04-04 17:54 ?

1. About Us

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies has adopted internationalization as the university’s pivotal strategy for development. One of the University’s strengths is over thirty-year experience in offering intensive tailor-made Chinese language training. The University is a key institution in South China for its globally minded faculty and students and its research on foreign languages, literature, culture, international trade, economics and international strategic studies. The University was accredited as one of the earliest universities to teach Chinese for non-Chinese speakers. Therefore, Institute for International Education has long been responsible for international student recruitment, Chinese language teaching and administration.

2. Program objective

This program aims to enhance students’ Chinese language proficiency within one month on Guangdong University of Foreign Studies North Campus and deepen their understanding of Chinese culture through lectures, intercultural interaction between international and Chinese students, and Chinese culture experiencing activities.

3. Program Description

The program puts its priority on intensive Chinese language classes taught by teachers with rich expertise of Chinese language training for international students. In addition, events such as student dialogues, Chinese cultural activities, field trips, city tours will be arranged as supplements to help students gain more Chinese and international perspective.

4. Program Duration

July 5 to August 2, 2019

5. Chinese language classes

The elementary level class is provided with 20 weekly class hours. Courses include Comprehensive Chinese (10 class hours), Spoken and Listening Chinese (10 class hours).

6. Credits

Upon completion of the program, program participants can earn five credits.

7. Fees and Others?


Tuition fee: RMB 2600

Application fee: RMB300

Teaching material fee: Charged based on actual cost.

Tuition fee and application fee are not refundable.


Monday to Friday

8:30—11:30 Chinese classes

Monday to Thursday

18:30—20:00 Chinese corner activities

l It is planned to offer Cantonese, Kung Fu,Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting as the Chinese corner activities

l All subject to actual schedule

Registration time

July 5 2019 (Friday) Registration, purchase textbooks, check the grouping list, get the schedule

July 8 2019 (Monday) Classes begin

Documents needed:

Students must do online application athttp://gdufs.17gz.organd send the online application number to iie@gdufs.edu.cnto get online admission. After that, students should take theprinted application form from the application platform for school sign up.

Accommodation and Canteens

Double room: RMB 1250/month/bed, for female students only.

Water, electricity and Internet are included. The bed linens and exceeded part of water and electricity fee should be borne by students themselves.

Various restaurants, students and faculty canteens may well serve every appetite at a cost of around 30RMB per day.

Accommodation fee is not refundable.

Students are also free to choose to rent the off-campus apartment at the price about RMB 4500/ month/ person.

***Important note: the dormitory for male students is under redecoration during summer, therefore male students attending summer course should choose to live off-campus apartment.

8. Group Application

For group application, please contact Mr. Liu Ping directly at 201620064@oamail.gdufs.edu.cn?for more details.

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